No Digging | No Tearing Out Walls | Minimal Disturbance

Save Thousands on Sewer Repair with Trenchless Pipe Lining

We offer comprehensive trenchless sewer repair services throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Specializing in cured-in-place-pipe lining (CIPP), our “no-dig” pipe repair method saves property owners between 30-40% on repair projects and boasts a life expectancy of over 50 years. Avoid the hassle and expense of tearing out walls and floors—call us today for a seamless solution!

What We Do

Trenchless Sewer Repair: Our trenchless methods provide efficient and effective solutions without disruptive digging.

Cured-In-Place-Pipe Lining (CIPP): This innovative technique restores your pipes internally, extending their life and functionality.

Sewer Spray Lining: We use advanced spray lining technology to reinforce and repair your sewer lines.

House-to-Street Lateral Repair: Our experts manage seamless repairs from your home to the main sewer line, ensuring optimal flow and function.

Pipe Bursting: This method allows for the replacement of old pipes by bursting them and laying new pipes simultaneously.

Hydro Jetting and Drain Cleaning: High-pressure water jetting cleans and clears your drains, providing long-lasting results.

Sewer Inspections: Comprehensive sewer inspections using state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and prevent issues.

Sewer Top Hat Repair: Specialized repairs for connections between lateral pipes and main sewer lines to ensure a secure and efficient system.

How Does Trenchless Pipe Lining Work?

Step 1: Cleaning

The first step involves thoroughly cleaning the pipes with a hydro-jetter or other dry methods. This ensures the internal surfaces are clear of debris and ready for lining.

Step 2: Lining

Next, the saturated liner is blown into the pipe using air pressure. Once in place, it is left to cure, forming a durable new pipe within the old one.

Step 3: Robotic Reinstatements

Our robotic cutter then reopens any branch lines that were covered by the liner, restoring full functionality to your sewer system.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

  • Save 30-40%: Significant cost savings compared to traditional repair methods.
  • No Digging: Avoid the mess and expense of excavation.
  • 50+ Year Life-Use: Long-lasting repairs that stand the test of time.
  • Fast Repairs: Quick turnaround times to minimize disruption.
  • “Green” Technology: Environmentally friendly solutions that reduce waste.
  • Minimal Disturbance: Repairs are completed with minimal impact on your property.

Ensure the longevity and efficiency of your sewer system with our expert trenchless repair services. Contact us today to learn more and schedule an inspection.