Signs of a Sewer Clog

When it comes to plumbing issues, sewer clogs and blockages are probably the most common. Almost everyone will have to deal with a clogged sewer line at one point in their life or another, but not everyone knows the signs of a sewer clog. Some of the major signs of a sewer clog are:

  • Gurgling and bubbling drains
  • Strange smelling drains
  • Backed up toilets and plumbing fixtures
  • Sewage seeping into your yard or lawn

Gurgling and Bubbling Drains

If you have noticed your drains bubbling or making a gurgling noise whenever they’re in use, then you probably have some form of drain clog or obstruction. Clogs and obstructions cause air to become trapped in your pipes that get released when the pressure increases from whatever you’re flushing down the drain causing bubbles and gurgling sounds.

Strange Smelling Drains

Have you been noticing a strange or bad smell coming from your drains? If so, this can be a sign of a clog. Bacterial colonies develop on clogs and obstructions that can cause less-than-appealing odors to seep up from your drain line. If you have noticed any strange smells coming from your drains, then contact the GR Sewer + Drain drain cleaning professionals straight away.

Backed Up Toilets and Plumbing Fixtures

Another sign of clogged and obstructed sewer lines are backed up toilets and plumbing fixtures. If several of your plumbing fixtures and appliances have been backing up or draining slowly, then its time to call in the drain cleaning professionals.

Sewage Seeping Into Your Yard or Lawn

If you have noticed sewage seeping into your yard or lawn, then you definitely have a serious clog or obstruction (or your septic tank is overflowing). Seeping sewage can cause health issues and destroy your yard. Call in the GR Sewer + Drain experts at the first sign of seeping sewage.

Have a Sewer Clog? Call Us Right Away

Regardless of the source of your sewer clog, if you have one, then you need to take care of it right away. The longer you wait to take care of a clog or blockage, the worse your plumbing problems will become. So, don’t hesitate! Contact our team of drain cleaning professionals today!