Atwater Village Trenchless Sewer Repair

The Atwater Village trenchless sewer repair specialists here at GR Sewer + Drain are some of the best in the business. From your initial inspection to when your sewer line is ready to use again, we have you covered. So, don’t wait around until your sewer repair or replacement job is a legitimate emergency. Contact us and our Atwater Village trenchless sewer repair experts today!

What is the Atwater Village Trenchless Sewer Repair Process?

Understanding the Atwater Village trenchless sewer repair process doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. The process is as follows:

  • Access Holes Dug – First, our team of sewer repair experts will dig a pair of access holes at the beginning and the end of the section of the sewer line that needs to be repaired.
  • Old Line Cleaned – Then, our team of trenchless experts will use hydro-jetting machines and drain augurs to clear any debris or obstructions from your existing sewer line.
  • Liner and CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) Pulled Through – Next, the team of trenchless professionals will pull a liner and CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) material through the now-cleaned existing sewer line (using it as a guide for the new line).
  • CIPP Hardens, New Sewer Line is Ready to Use – After the liner and CIPP have cured and set, your new sewer line is ready to use!

Do You Need Trenchless Sewer Repair in Atwater Village?

Knowing when it’s time for a trenchless sewer repair or replacement doesn’t have to be complicated. Basically, if you’re facing any of the following issues, then you will probably need a trenchless sewer repair in Atwater Village:

  • Persistant clogs and obstructions
  • Tree root problems
  • Bellied or otherwise compromised sewer lines
  • Flooding and/or sewage seepage into your lawn or yard

What is the Difference Between Atwater Village Trenchless Sewer Replacement and Repair?

While we often use the terms “trenchless sewer repair” and “trenchless sewer replacement” interchangeably, there is actually a difference between the two services. Trenchless sewer repair is also often referred to as trenchless relining, and it can be done without having to destroy your existing sewer line. Trenchless sewer replacement in Atwater Village, however, will require our experts to break apart your old sewer line using a pipe bursting drill. Otherwise, the two services are performed the same way.

Contact Us for Atwater Village Trenchless Sewer Repair Services Today!

Our trusted staff at GR Sewer + Drain is open and honest about the entire process, so there is no need to worry. All you have to do is call, and then you will be walked through the steps about using CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe). If you want more information on prices or anything else, then just ask! This team is always willing and happy to take care of you. When everyone works together, Boyle Heights trenchless relining and other processes can be simple and straightforward. Since there’s no pressure to set up service when potential clients call, homeowners can feel comfortable and confident that they are making the right choices to protect their homes—and their neighborhoods. So contact us today and we’ll take care of the rest.